How Best to Use This Blog

On this blog, I have put together some of the best resources available on the web for the Freshwater Tropical Fish Hobbyist.

On the right-hand side of and at the bottom of the page you will find links to merchants who deal in Tropical Fish and Aquarium supplies.

On the left, you will find Clubs and Associations that you may want to join in order to enhance your Freshwater Aquarium Hobby experience as well as Resource Websites where you will find answers to your questions and solutions to problems.

AquaticCommunity.com is a particularly good resource where you can downoad free ebooks, buy & sell fish, enjoy interesting and informative articles, read equipment reviews, and participate in forums.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. My aim is to make your Freshwater Aquarium Hobby experience more rewarding and as enjoyable as possible.

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